At The Drive-In
Relationship of Command
This Texas group continues to gain momentum with its fifth release. Relationship of Command resembles the post-punk fury of Fugazi and political posturing of Rage Against the Machine.

One Minute Silence
After lending his hand to Massive Attack, Jon Harris kicks Sunna into drive with a guitar-driven record. The inconsistent album only hints toward the young group's potential.

Eleventh Dream Day
Stalled Parade
Chicago has emerged as the hotbed on independent music, but Eleventh Dream Day has represented the city for over a decade with its alternative sound. Featuring members of Freakwater and Tortoise, the group jells for another good effort with Stalled Parade.

The Posies
Dream All Day: The Best of the Posies
Another graduate from the Big Star school of power-pop (even helping Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens in a reunion), The Posies have finally put together a proper retrospective of their catchy career. The collection only covers the group's tenure with Geffen and DGC labels, but includes favorites like I'm the Comos and Dream All Day.

Motley Crue
New Tattoo
No Tommy Lee? No problem. Whether it is killer guitar solos or just Too Fast For Love nostalgia, the Crue has landed into college rock rotation. New Tattoo is essentially the same old thing; crudeness, decadence and rock.

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