Artist: Eric Clapton
Album: Reptile
Label: WEA/Warner Brothers

Just as his song Second Nature implies, Eric Clapton is an artist with nothing left to prove, and few of the 13 songs that make up his current release Reptile seem to present anything to get excited about.

Instead, the collection of predominately mellow, blues-inflected adult contemporary tunes are simply a reminder of how the 56 year-old legend has aged like a fine wine.

Though Clapton has had pop aspirations as of late, it is in the blues where he seems to rest comfortably. Prime examples lie in the Ray Charles classic Come Back Baby and Got You On My Mind, in which Clapton and his band both earnestly establish the perfect combination of rhythm and soul.

Reaching back for the revved Layla moments of old, Superman Inside and Stevie Wonder's Ain't Gonna Stand For It prove there's still some rock n' roll fire left in the furnace.

Rating: B