Director: Sam Weisman
Rating: PG-13
Cinemas: Wynnsong 16, Farragut Towne Square 10, Knoxville Center 10

The biggest question going into What's the Worst that Can Happen? was not if it would be a great film or not, but whether it could answer the question in the title.
This tired comedy is not, alas, the worst that could happen, but it's pretty bad all the same.
Kevin Caffrey (Martin Lawrence) is a thief who meets Amber Belhaven (Carmen Ejogo), the love of his life, at an art auction. They seem an unlikely pair, with her being a nice, hardworking woman and him being, well, a thief.
As Kevin and Amber begin dating, Kevin takes some time off from stealing before hearing about a perfect job, from his friend Berger (John Leguizamo), stripping local billionaire Max Fairbanks' (Danny DeVito) house of everything while he is away.
However, they're caught in the act, sending the movie's plot into a tailspin. There are numerous characters in the film, including a gay detective and a gay bodyguard for Max. This falls under the movie rule that the fact that someone is gay is funny in i
DeVito does his usual admirable job of taking what funny gags there are and running with them. Lawrence does well when he tones down his shtick but takes the audience out of the movie when he dives headlong into being stupid.
It seems the writer of every comedy now believes that simply acting funny is a shortcut to being funny. But being funny involves much more than gross jokes and making strange faces.
Rating: C-
Jeff Haws