The new film K-Pax opened in theaters last week.
The main character, Prot, played by Kevin Spacey of American Beauty fame, claims to be a visitor from the planet K-Pax, a far-off place that sustains life. He is about 40 human years old. He and his civilization are, as most "alien" visitors to earth, far more advanced than humans.
The plot of the movie begins with Prot in Grand Central Station in New York City. Something happens while he is there for which he is blamed. He is sent to a mental hospital as a result of his "weird" behaviors.
Prot's psychiatrist at the mental hospital is Dr. Mark Powell, played by Jeff Bridges (Arlington Road). Powell, who is acclaimed as the head psychiatrist at the hospital, receives Prot as a patient. Before Prot shows up in the doctor's office, the doctor is told that Prot is strange.
The movie goes on with Prot and Dr. Powell growing a healthy doctor/patient relationship. The doctor tries to make Prot understand he is not from another planet.
However, Dr. Powell becomes wrapped up in his treating of Prot, and the doctor's family and friends begin to suspect something.
The film goes on with several twists and surprises. The acting is good with Spacey and Bridges. A minor role is played well by Mary McCormack (Deep Impact) as the doctor's wife, Rachel.
With good lead acting and a plot that continues to move throughout adequate supporting roles, K-Pax is one flick that is definitely not to be missed.
Rating: B+