Artist: The Beatings
Album: 6hz
Label: Crapulent Cinema Records

Never judge a book, or CD, by its cover, especially 6hz, the self-released EP from The Beatings.
While the band's name sounds painful, the Boston quartet is nothing to dread. Its unique progressive post-punk is far from the harsh attack expected.
The group's creative indie sound, reminiscent of legendary bands like the Pixies and Sonic Youth, has appeal for fans of many different kinds of music.
The album also exceeds the anticipated low-audio quality the title implies, typical of independent recordings.
The Beatings attack listeners' ears with its lush wall of guitar sound right off the bat, proving the high level of production.
It doesn't take long to pick up on the fact that The Beatings' sound draws heavily from '80s progressive influences. Songwriters from The Beatings were obviously listening to the Pixies when they were working on 6hz. Several of the songs will bring to mind the early Pixies recording Surfer Rosa.
The blend of male and female vocals on 6hz is very similar to that from Black Francis and Kim Deal of the Pixies, and members of The Beatings are no strangers to poppy three-chord choruses and innovative distort
ed guitar noises.
Despite these similarities to the Pixies, The Beatings is a fresh and original band. The songs on 6hz do not sound like rip-offs. Those who don't enjoy the non-traditional vocal style popularized by the Pixies m
ay still find themselves listening to 6hz because vocalists for The Beatings do not use the same exaggerated tones.
At times, 6hz can seem to be repetitive and uneventful. The same musical ideas are repeated a few too many times.
Lyrically, 6hz is up and down. At times the words are poetic or profound, but at others they are mediocre and a little bit dull.
That's not to say that The Beatings is a boring band. 6hz showcases the group's inventive songwriting abilities. Each song is intricately laid out with a solid, rich guitar background and interesting lead solos
with miscellaneous noises. 6hz is definitely an album worth hearing.
@No Style: Rating: B