Tonight, students can get the dish on what really went on in MTV's Real World house, thanks to the efforts of Campus Entertainment Board.
A question and answer session hosted by four former cast members will include Danny and Melissa from the New Orleans season and Coral and Mike from the New York season.
"They're basically getting the dirt on what really happened," Chris Brown, CEB chair, said. "They're going to get the gossip."
The session will serve to tie up loose ends and fill in plot gaps from past shows, as well as reveal what the cast members are presently doing with their lives.
For those who need a refresher course in what happened in the show's past seasons, Brown offered a recap.
"Danny was the cute guy who dated a military man, and no one ever got to see his boyfriend," she said. "We'll see how that turned out."
Brown explained that Melissa, now a standup comedian, was the house schizophrenic.
"She had a lot of mental breakdowns that season," she said. "She had some issues with men in general."
Coral and Mike, from the New York season, were the two housemates that began as enemies but eventually reconciled their differences.
"Coral just wanted to make everybody feel bad on the show, and Mike was one of the people she poked fun at," Brown said. "She was the dominant woman, and she had the stinkiest attitude."
"Mike is the stereotypical college frat guy who always had a different girl around him," she said. "Coral's problem was with Mike, who said at the beginning of the season he was a racist."
But by the end of the season, the pair had become best friends.
"I think she kind of figured that she couldn't keep throwing punches at this man," Brown said.
The CEB decided to bring tonight's program to UT by students' request.
"Students had been coming up to us wondering if the Real World would ever come to campus," Brown said. "We just listened to the student voice, and we wanted to appease them."
The event will be held in the University Center Ballroom at 8 p.m.