Windtalkers, showing this weekend in the UC Auditorium, takes the audience into the depths of World War II and paints a picture of its horrors and triumphs.
Sergeant Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage) and Sergeant Peter 'Ox' Henderson (Christian Slater) are given the orders to be protectors of two privates. These two soldiers are speakers of the code that the United States uses to communicate during the war.
The code is a variation of the Navajo language chosen because it was seen to be indecipherable by the United States government. A code was needed to be able to communicate during wartime without being understood by the enemy.
Privates Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach) and Charles Whitehorse (Roger Willie) are Navajo Americans who choose to be speakers of the code. They are sent to a training facility in California to learn how to communicate in war situations. Once that is over, they are assigned to Enders and Henderson and sent to Japan.
Enders' and Henderson's assignment is to "protect the code at all cost." They are warned not to get close to their code talkers.
Prior to the assignment, Enders is in a military hospital recovering from an injury he received in battle. He is plagued with the nightmare of what he could have done differently in that confrontation.
As the plot moves on, a unit is sent to an island in Japan that the United States hopes to overtake. The ensuing battle scenes are reminiscent of those seen in Saving Private Ryan, but not as brutal.
Amidst the battle, sergeants Enders and Henderson become close to their code talkers, contrary to their orders. Friendships are formed that are stronger than they had hoped for and which could only lead to heartache.
Windtalkers is a movie that demonstrates the difficulties of war among soldiers that have become friends with one another. The battle scenes are realistic and impressive.
The acting of Nicolas Cage is quite possibly one of his best performances in some time. The hardships he must overcome on the battlefield and within himself are masterful.
Movie lovers who enjoy realistic battle scenes and a good story line as the main focus will enjoy this movie. With Windtalkers, director John Woo has delivered yet another blockbuster and a masterful work of art.
Windtalkers will be shown at 7 on Friday and Saturday night. Admission is $1 with a student ID and $2 for the public.
Rating: A