o Matrix Reloaded: Aug. 20; 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. (Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and the rest of the characters continue fighting the machines to free the human race from the Matrix. Neo makes discoveries about his super abilities, and the number of those breaking free from the Matrix grows. The battle is moving towards Zion, the last real human city.)
o Old School: Aug. 22-23; 7 p.m. both days (Three 30-something friends start their own fraternity to avoid being evicted and to bring back their college days.)
o How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Aug. 27, (A ladies man, Matthew McConaughey in the midst of a bet and a woman, Kate Hudson, working on a romance article cross paths, both trying to use the other for his/her purposes. In the process, their ill-fated meeting leaves the two fall to in love.)
o Manhattan: Sept. 10, (Director Woody Allen uses his superb experience in Manhattan to tell a story of a search for an ideal relationship. A search that includes an ex-wife, who left him for another woman, an intellectual and a high school senior.)
o Taxi Driver: Sept. 12, (New York City cabbie, Robert De Niro drives his "beat" throughout the steamy parts of the city's night. Overly involved with the night people he drives, he moves through the city ignored and unnoticed until he explodes in this racey movie.)
o Midnight Cowboy: Sept. 13, (A confused Texan, played by Jon Voight, believes he can make a living in the city by selling himself to rich women. When he meets Ratso Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman), a conartist, the two develop a friendship. The film showcases survival of the world by displaying the relationship between the two and the trust they build.)
o Grosse Pointe Blank: Sept. 19-20, (Martin Blank, played by John Cusack, who is a professional assasin, takes his psychiatrist's advice and attends his 10-year class reunion in an attempt to be normal. A chain of emotional events occurs when he and his former classmates are reunited in this romantic thriller.)
o Dr. Strangelove: Sept. 24, (General Jack D. Ripper, played by Sterling Hayden, falls into madness when he sends a U.S. bomber to destroy the USSR. He suspects "Commies" are trying to rob Americans of their precious bodily fluids. The president meets with his cabinet and Soviet ambassador who tell him if the USSR is struck by a nuclear bomb, it will trigger a "dooms day device.")
o Amadeus: Oct. 1
o The Ring: Oct. 24-25 (Director Gore Verbinski brings to the screen a classic thriller. Deaths surround a mysterious video that leaves seven days of life after it is viewed.)
o Talk to Her: Oct. 26, (Two grown men share an surprising friendship while caring for girlfriends who are both in deep comas.)
o Halloween: Oct. 29, (Michael Myers undertakes his first killing spree in his hometown, and in the process he comes across Jaime Lee Curtis, a member of his family, whom he must kill to end his internal rage. A classic horror film.)
o The Waterboy: Nov. 5, (A ridiculed waterboy, Adam Sandler, attacks a football player in anger, uncovering his tackling talent. He gets a position on the college team, and he discovers what his life could be.)
o Spider: Nov. 9
o Any Given Sunday: Nov. 12, (Director Oliver Stone takes movie-viewers inside a professional football team. An aging quarterback faces replacement by a younger player.)
o Remember the Titans: Nov. 19, (Based on the true story of the 1971 integration of a Virginia high school. Black and white students are forced to work together on the football field.)

The movies are shown at the University Center, and admittance is $1 with a student identification card and $2 without one.