Imagine yourself in a dusky bar, relishing the sights and sounds of one of the most talented groups of musicians in Knoxville.
This doesn't have to be a figment of your imagination if you make it to see The Red House Project.
Red House stepped out from behind the curtain of Knoxville's stage in November 2002 and has been making fans happy ever since.
The guys say that their influences include almost everything under the sun, and they plan to take The Red House Project in every direction possible with its music.
The musicians consist of Jonathan Sexton (lead vocals, guitar), Walker Henley (bass), Jamie Cook (drums, vocals), Tom Pryor (guitar, pedal steel guitar, vocals), William Andrew Sexton (guitar), Brack Owens (drums, vocals) and Stanton Adcock (guitar).
A somewhat complex, but strong, foundation lies under the Red House because it is not quite a band but a "project."
About this, lead singer Sexton said, "One day I had an epiphany that life in general is an experiment by the Creator of the universe, and thus my life, which includes my music, is my very own experiment ... or 'project.'"
The band's name orignates from the red house in which Sexton lives.
The idea behind Red House's musical project is to play with a variety of muscians and to have an ever-changing band. The band's goal is to be "musically polygamous," Sexton said.
The musicians listed, though, are the "regulars" that take turns playing shows with one another.
Lead singer and guitarist Sexton concocts an uplifting energy with his infectious smile and constant movement. His voice exudes pure beauty, and it's easy to see that he has a passion for what he is doing. Sexton also writes most of the songs the group plays.
Bassist Henley, who played in the former band Oversoul with Sexton, demonstrates a wide array of musical knowledge and talent. He calls The Red House Project a "new revolution in Knoxville music."
Cook and Owens, the rotating drummers, both have the rare ability to sing and play drums simultaneously. Cook brings the winning combination of passion, talent and leadership to the project. He writes melodic songs of musical purity for the band that will follow you around for hours after you've heard them. Owens, member of the former Left Foot Down, has a talent on the drums that is not found every day and demonstrates great versatility and poppy energy.
Tom Pryor, also a member of Nug Jug and Willis, leaves his audience enamored and dumbfounded with his brilliant guitar, pedal steel and vocal talents. He brings the element of "twang" to this project. Sexton said of Pryor, "Tom is simply an amazing musician."
William Sexton, Jonathan Sexton's father, and Adcock, the rotating guitarists, are both accomplished musicians who add exceptional riffs into the mix.
One of the main traits of the project is its unimaginable versatility. One might not recognize it from one show to the next, with covers ranging from Stone Temple Pilots to Dire Straits, but the elements that always remain are talent, energy and fun.
Cook said of the band, "It's all based on fun and having a good time."
Sexton added that the goal of the live shows is to "somehow convey whatever it is that we, as human beings, all have but can't quite put our finger on."