I won't bore you with the details of my life (for now), and I won't rattle on about the concerts that never make it to Knoxville that should (for now), and I won't babble about what I'm not going to talk about. Or maybe it's too late for that.
What I will talk about today is the Knoxville entertainment scene as a whole that I have grown to love over my past three years.
While Knoxville has movie theaters, malls and one restaurant for every 2.3 people, just as every other medium-sized town like it does, Knoxville has something else. Something mysteriously wonderful. No, not that strange gold sphere that floats above our city streets. And not the three-eyed fish living in the murky waters of the Tennessee River.
What Knoxville has is spunk. This spunk stems from the growing music scene and the natural environment that surrounds us, but most of all, this spunk comes from the people.
OK, don't leave me yet. I promise I'm not getting too sentimental, and I promise that I almost have a point.
What I am saying about Knoxville is that it is like oil and water, but in a way that seems to blend the two together better than they should. And I think I take this for granted sometimes. The combination of entertainment we have in Knoxville is, well, entertaining. The thought crossed my mind that if I take it for granted, then maybe others in this town take it for granted too.
Now if you never complain about Knoxville and the lack of stuff to do, and you're actually still reading this column, I apologize. I officially get off my soap box for you. However, if you've ever complained, then continue on.
In Knoxville, we've got the great outdoors a hop, skip and a jump away, and we've got things like Bonnaroo right down the road. We've got Blue Cats, local bands and dedicated fans that nurture the growing acts that come out of Knoxville. We've got Bush's Baked Beans' headquarters here, which means there's a chance that Duke the talking dog lives right here in our town. We've got Frisbee golf parks and dog shows. We've got football, and we've got improv comedy groups.
I know you're saying. But Julie, don't all towns have these things? And maybe they do. But maybe we shouldn't care what they have. Maybe we should only care that we've got things like Sundown in the City and Alive After Five, that we've got great hiking trails and rivers to white water down 30 minutes away.
So here's my challenge to you (and to myself while I'm at it). No more complaining about Knoxville. I mean, yeah, Knoxville may have a pollution problem. And its roads may have been under construction since Rip Van Winkle fell asleep. But it's our Knoxville, and it still has a lot to offer.
So after all my rambling, I've arrived at my point. Knoxville has more to offer than meets the eye. Now you're thinking it shouldn't have taken me that long to get to my point, but I still thank those of you that are still reading, that's you Mom, for sticking with me. And know I leave you with, Carpe the Knoxville!

- Julie Howle is a senior in journalism and she is dead sexy. She can be reached at jhowle@utk.edu.