It takes two, baby: Sequels persist
Is it just a passing fad?
I don't think so. We the people love sequel after sequel after sequel.
We like repetition. We want more of everything and everyone.
We want Legolas, we want Neo, we want Harry Potter.
One movie does not quench the unquenchable thirst for more action, more magic and more gravity-defying fight scenes.
You start to become attached to the characters in the movie. They are no longer mere actors - they are our close, personal friends - they're in our wills.
Rose: Hey guys, want to go see a movie? Let's call Orlando...
Oh wait, I forgot he doesn't really know me (yet).
Rose: Hey, I bet Harry would like this shirt.
Oh wait, Harry doesn't like that color. I mean, Harry doesn't actually know me. Sigh.
Perhaps the obsession grows from a need for closure. We want to know everything about every character - their sleeping habits, their shoes sizes, their affairs with elves - until they die.
It all started with "Star Wars." I realize there are many quality sequels prior to "Star Wars," but that was the hook, line and ewok sinker.
Maybe it is the fantasy element, or the Death Star, perhaps it is Jabba the Hut's sultry voice, whatever the reason, movie-lovers like to obsess. We are willing to wait for hours in line with other people who obsess and then communally obsess - obsessively.
Despite the fact that it is absolutely ridiculous to have another sequel - movie studios do one more - just in case.
I would love to see how many "Land Before Time" kiddie flicks can be churned out before the dino apocalypse. Perhaps they can call the final one, "Land Before Time 34: The Meteor Strikes Back."
I still can't figure out how they had a sequel to "Weekend at Bernie's." It is a bit disheartening, and a little morbid, to think that people can create a second film about a wealthy beach-dwelling corpse dancing among the living.
It is also pretty amazing that a great white shark has a vendetta against Roy Shreider's family. I didn't know sharks held grudges. I love "Jaws," though. I never get tired of watching silly, unsuspecting, large-breasted women getting eaten by Flipper's nemesis (sinister laugh).
I should have kept a tally for the "Batman" films. Whether it's Val Kilmer, George Clooney or Michael Keaton - we call them Batman.
Consistency is always important. "Indiana Jones" is a great series, not only because Harrison Ford is the ultimate hero - it was always him. You never had to worry about Patrick Swayze coming out in khaki with a whip.
No matter how ridiculous, how absurd, or how sad the plot really is - we're going to watch it.
I know you saw "Speed 2."

-Rosemary Nottoli part 2 is a senior in journalism. She can be reached at