The blurbs of gibberish I pen on Fridays are supposed to pertain to some form of entertainment, but, I say to myself at an audible level, what is entertainment really?
For some, twiddling their thumbs suffices for entertainment. My parents sit on the front porch and watch the sprinkler until the sun sets and that entertains them.
Some people watch the Weather Channel. The majority of people I associate myself with play video games until calluses develop on their thumbs and call that entertainment.
To me, I enjoy doing nothing. I really do. I don't have to be watching TV or dancing in the streets, I find complete and utter satisfaction in doing absolutely nothing and reveling in it.
Much in the manner of "Office Space." (If you haven't seen "Office Space," you should be publicly flogged and forced to watch it.) I have a dream of doing nothing and I fully intend on following out and living up to that dream. I hope that one day I find a job where I can gut a fish at my desk and be promoted. Dare to dream, I suppose.
On the rare occasion when the evil bug of motivation bites me - I read. I like to read, but I am notorious for reading nine-tenths of a book and not finishing it.
I am sure it exposes some severe psychological abnormality and says a lot about my deficiencies as a functioning member of society, but I can't help it.
The fifth Harry Potter book has been sitting on my night stand with only 65 pages lacking before completion and I just cannot bring myself to read it. The book weeps in the night begging to be read. Being the monster that I am, I have no pity, I feel no remorse - I just can't bring myself to do it.
Going to the park is very entertaining. I don't own a dog, but would like to. Since I am devoid of a canine companion, I like to play with other people's dogs. The park is packed like sardines with every breed and combination of breeds a girl could want. It's so much fun.
I like to pretend that it's my dog and I name the dog and throw its toys and then people have to tell me they are leaving. I shed a tear and move to the next victim. One day, I might just snatch one ... watch out.
Back to entertainment - music. Music is the audible poetry of life. Music is inspiring and I feel like I can safely categorize music into the vague abyss of entertainment. While some people enjoy Insane Clown Posse, other people, like myself, find that noise appalling and would rather listen to the melodies of the vacuum cleaner.
One man's music is another man's headache, I suppose.
Entertainment is what you make of it, so go out tonight and watch that sprinkler.

-Rosemary Nottoli is the Entertainment Editor of The Daily Beacon and is a senior in journalism. She can be reached at