"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
- Samuel Adams, "Father of the American Revolution"

In a recent column written by my dear friend and co-worker, the conclusion was made that there is no cause for a revolution.
No cause for revolution? I saw a bumper sticker this week that said, "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."
Just look around you. Causes for outrage are everywhere, and outrage at, or at least acknowledgement of, our various problems is where the seeds for revolution are planted.
Seed #1: Media Monopolies. What are those voices in your head? Well, five corporations control the major news media: General Electric, AOL Time Warner, Disney, Viacom/CBS and CNN. These corporations control ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC, among literally hundreds of others of media sources.
But did you know that they also own and are involved in, as UT's own Sam Wallace says, "nuclear production, medical services, and war/defense industries."
I don't think it's a genius line of reasoning to figure out that it wouldn't be very beneficial for Tom Brokaw's or Diane Sawyer's career to report negative facts about nuclear power or the war in Iraq. Of course America supports the war, wink wink.
But the media always claims to have no bias. Diane Sawyer's, Tom Brokaw's, Dan Rathers' and Katie Couric's salaries, among other prominent news anchors', are around $7 million. This means that, being a part of white, rich, elitist, corporate America, they are of course giving us no bias information. Of course the government cares about the little people, wink wink.
Since the aforementioned media corporations reach, in deeper ways than most realize, the majority of American homes and businesses, this media view is mistaken for reality.
Wake up. Be careful of who and what you believe. Try to be conscious of the information you are receiving instead of turning on the tube and letting the brain pollution ensue.
Some great alternatives to mainstream media are the Independent Press Association (www.indypress.org), The Guardian (www.guardian.co.uk), and Adbusters (www.adbusters.org).
To take it one step further, TV Turnoff Week is April 19 - 25. Just imagine the possibilities.
Seed #2: Hummers. This is truly an outrage that has not been given due attention. My face gets red and my blood begins to boil as soon as I catch sight of one. I hope it makes Hummer drivers feel great about themselves to know that they are part of the reason our environment is being destroyed.
The disease of excess.
It has affected us to the point that we think it's normal to drive Hummers on the road. I won't even go into my critiques of the uses they were originally intended for.
For now I'll just say that I think it's much better to let hundreds or thousands of soldiers die in a war for oil than to give up our Hummers, because, damn't, they just look so cool. Who cares about the fact that they get negative five miles to a gallon?
I put Ford Excursions, Cadillac Escalades, Chevy Sub-divisions and all other outrageously large and unnecessary vehicles into this category as well. I would love to run them off the road, but that's not in compliance with my code of ethics. But I would really love to ...
Seed #3: All words, no action. Another dear friend and co-worker said this week that he "loves the environment," but that he's just not willing to pay $8 a year for the proposed (and now passed) Clean Energy referendum for UT.
I love my body, but I'm really not willing to take care of it! I love my dog, but do I really want to pay to buy it food? Well, I think you can see how this doesn't pan out.
Oh, and furthermore, I was called an "earth-loving hippie" for supporting the Clean Energy bill. This label has connotations of someone who may or may not be a smart, rational, upstanding citizen of America. But probably isn't. We don't seem to think that taking steps to preserve the environment is a prudent choice in this day and age of technological and economical progression. Did I say progression? I meant regression.
Look around you today and allow yourself to become outraged. Let the seeds grow. There is no room in the garden for apathy.
A revolution is in order.

- Holly Haworth is the entertainment editor of The Daily Beacon, revolutionary, and junior in rhetoric and writing. She can be reached at olmountaingal@aol.com.