1. American Idol, Eat Your Heart Out - If the show had been around before Usher made it big, he would have certainly been the first American Idol. Usher really knows how to captivate an audience with a song. He has had so many hit songs from his four albums including "My Way," "U Got It Bad" and "Nice and Slow." Usher is also not afraid to get a little personal when he writes his songs. Singing about what he knows gives him some credibility and makes his albums worth listening to.
2. I Like The Way You Move - Usher definitely knows how to move on the dance floor. At any concert, Usher shows his audience how much he loves to dance. His videos always display incredible dance sequences. His fluid dance moves have earned him the chance to grace the same stage as Janet and Michael Jackson. As Usher continues to push the envelope in dance moves, fans will continue to be amazed.
3. More Bang for Your Buck - Usher knows how to put on an entertaining show. His concerts are usually sold out and fans rarely leave disappointed. He always gets the audience involved and fans are rarely bored with the shows he puts on. Whether he's at a television interview or on tour, Usher is guaranteed to please.
4. Move Over FUBU - Usher has a wonderful sense of style. No matter where he is, Usher is always true to his own style. He never follows the crowd, but blazes his own trail. It's no wonder a clothing line is in the works. It is said that the clothes don't make the man, but the man makes the clothes. This is certainly true for Usher.
5. Lights, Camera, Action! - If you're looking for real talent, look no further than Usher. This is not only talent when it comes to singing either. Usher has appeared in such movies as "Light It Up," "The Faculty" and "She's All That." He has also turned up on the small screen, appearing on "Moesha," "Seventh Heaven" and "American Dreams." In addition to being on television and in movies, Usher has recently started his own music label, US Records.