o I thought that paying a few thousand dollars for this semester was enough, but now I have to pay for printing. Couldn't the professors at least be a little more concise? Or put multiple slides on one page?!

o I wish everyone would quit complaining about how much tuition has increased. Most people do not realize how expensive college is in just about any other state in the union. People in Tenn. just do not know how good they have it. Try getting a college education for less than $15,000 a year (in-state at a state school) anywhere in the northeast.

o The clocks in Walter's Life Sciences need to be set to the correct time. I don't like sitting in my 11:00 a.m. class while the clock on the wall reads 2:00 p.m.

o Homework gone undone due to textbooks not bought. A product of teachers assigning work the first day of classes, and financial aid disbursement being distributed the second week.

o Well it's my fourth year, not my senior year just yet ... That will have to wait. Fraternity rush needs to change and stress causes gray hairs to sprout everywhere.

o Senior year stinks. I mean I just wish that I had a fifth year studies class like first year studies. A lady friend would be nice, too!

o What is the deal with the tree in the new amphitheater? Why would they allow that tree to stay? UT needs better administration, people under the age of 65.

o Why is it that people that date people at UT cannot use someone's ID and go to the game with their companion? If that student doesn't want to go what is the big deal?

o I bought some cereal bars. The box says "you are what you eat." Amazing. Do they mean to imply that the cannibals are the true humans?!

o One freshman's cry for youth: I'm having a hard time understanding why, despite having 70-plus cable channels, the Disney Channel is not included in the VolVision lineup. Instead, its rightful channel slot, 60, has been replaced with one of the two identical campus networks.

o What's the deal with fast food restaurants charging for condiments? I paid for the salad, now give me the dressing!