The best I can do at this point is randomly scan through the frequencies of my frenetic brain waves - a brain radio scan, if you will. Tune out if needed.
Banning gay marriage:
We are a secular nation, am I right? We cannot allow a moral code to be the basis for our laws. There are too many discrepancies in a system like that.
For example, why are these so-called moral high-roaders so adamant about banning gay marriage but not banning obscene violence on television?
The argument that gay marriage is somehow detrimental to society is entirely faulty. Look at all the things we are allowing now that are detrimental to society.
Even IF gay marriage is detrimental to society, that is, as our current laws show us, no grounds to base a law on.
Secondly, our laws also prohibited interracial marriages until 1967, for exactly the same kind of moral reasoning that is being applied now to gay marriage.
If the argument is that having a gay couple as parents would somehow be traumatic for a child, why didn't the same argument hold up under interracial marriage laws?
Because there is absolutely no proof for that, and we can't base our laws upon the premise.
It's not illegal to smoke cigarettes like a chimney while raising children, is it?
This could cause lung cancer from second-hand smoke or any number of detriments to a child's health. But it's not illegal.
So once again, the argument that it could be detrimental to children doesn't seem to be one that we've based our laws on so far.
The difference is that we're trying to base laws on some sort of moral hierarchy.
And we're homophobic.
... chhhhchhhhchhhh ...
The dictionary:
Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing.
.... chhhhchhhhchhhh ...
In Germany:
Teachers in a Berlin school ate an anonymously donated chocolate cake. When they all started feeling strange and dizzy, tests showed that the cake was made with hash.
There's a lesson to be learned in all this: Always, always eat anonymously donated chocolate cakes.
... chhhhchhhhchhhh ...
No answer, just to ponder:
I find myself to be pretty psychic. Or maybe not.
The problem is that I always think about someone and then they call or walk by.
Or I will think that someone is going to say something and then they do. I dream that I go somewhere, and the next day someone asks me if I want to go there.
Of course we all do this, and we all like to write it off as coincidence.
But it's obvious to me that there are two possible explanations:
1. We are predicting the event. Some clarity has allowed us the sight into the Eternal Moment of Now. We see what is coming next.
2. We are writing the event. It only happens because we thought it would, we willed it to happen.
Just a thought ...
... chhhhchhhhchhhh ...
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- Holly Haworth is the entertainment editor at The Daily Beacon and a junior in rhetoric and writing. She can be reached at