The Jessica EP starts with Just Not Me. It begins, fittingly, with LP-style static and acoustic guitar until the full band kicks in. It also features the clever lyric, "she'll say 'alright,' but only for tonight, because she never was the one to fall in love."
The song structure is catchy and the bass line sounds great. However, the track is marred by unoriginal and over-miked acoustic guitar.
The EP's strongest song is "So I Lie." The slow, deliberate ballad has appropriately understated production. The lyric "say goodbye to another night, it almost felt right" will be sure to make female fans put their hands to their foreheads and swoon.
"The Jessica EP" and the rave reviews of its live shows make MGB a concert for local music fans not to miss. The 5-song EP makes it clear that MGB could be in it for the long haul. The only flaw with the band may be that no matter how good they get, they can only ever be the second-best band with a drummer named Brian Wilson.
Mikel Grubb Band will be playing tonight at Blue Cats. Doors will open at 9 p.m. Admission if $5 at the door.