Each music network's Web site allows you to do various things like download and upload music, talk to other members of the network, listen to streaming broadcasts and get information and newsletters about bands and artists.
Like blue jeans, finding the music network that's right for you might be somewhat of a disheartening task.
So I've done the shopping for you and found the closest thing to a one-size-fits-all network.
Leeway's Home Grown Music Network, at http://homegrownmusic.net, has it all.
The Web site gives information about all of the bands and artists on the network, sends out newsletters, posts news, has eight online radio stations, and a store, among other things. But most of all, it's a great way to share the joy of music.
Knoxville's WEST 105.3 interviewed the network's founder, Lee Crumpton, to get his story.
Many years ago when Lee was a disc jockey, he began to feel that it was getting redundant.
He knew a lot of great bands and decided to start a network where they could all share music and publicity.
There are now about 80 bands and artists on the network, spanning every genre - electronic/trance, funk, jazz, reggae, country, bluegrass and jam bands.
The list includes Acoustic Syndicate, Keller Williams, Modereko, Perpetual Groove, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, The Disco Biscuits, Umphreys McGee, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe and The String Cheese Incident, among several other talented artists.
I got in touch with Keller Williams, ridiculously talented musician and member of Home Grown, to ask him what the network has done for him, as an artist.
This is what he said about the network and its founder: "Lee Crumpton is a wonderful dude, a great friend. He's been around in my career since the early '90s. He was around and really believed in me when no one else did, when I was playing the really small restaurants as an opening act, ya know? The organization he's got going ... it's really cool. It gives bands experience and exposure that normally wouldn't get that."
There ya have it. It's time that you get some Home Grown and leave all that shwag out of your bag.

- Holly Haworth is a junior in rhetoric and writing. She can be reached at olmountaingal@aol.com