Work can be a huge annoyance to anyone. I am currently looking outside at the beautiful day that I have just missed because I am facing a computer screen. All I can think about is how I would have spent this day had I not been stuck trying to make some money.
For starters, if I didn't have to work all day, I would have inevitably woken up with a hang over. I would have had to force myself out of bed and then force one of my other roommates out of bed, and we would immediately go to the pool to try and cure our ailments.
Unfortunately, due to the new University policy that requires students to pay $25 to use the pool facilities if not enrolled in summer classes, we would be forced to break into a nearby pool. The break-in is totally justifiable because most people at any pool around the Fort Area do not in fact have legitimate access to the cool water.
While lying on a lawn chair, the sun gradually soaking away the last few beers of the previous evening, we would get a burst of energy. Let's make it a river day, we'd decide, and on a whim gather our things and drive to Townsend to make something great out of the day of sunshine.
The drive would be long, but beautiful, and would go by fast due to our singing along to great music. The windows would be down of course to let the wind blow our hair and give us a little bit of a watch tan.
Once there, the water would be chilly, but not as cold as the beers in our hands. The tubes would be cheap, but supportive, and the band of people who on a whim decide to join us would be equally as thrilled.
The water would be high, and the tide swift, leaving us a little bit bruised, but we wouldn't care because of the help of the beer. Really, it is impossible not to enjoy yourself on the river, especially on a beautiful day.
Once we would get the river out of the way, the perfect summer day would dictate a patio dinner with fried catfish and bottlenecks to sip on. The conversation would be about fun memories from the night before, as we try to piece together the evening's events.
The sun would start to dip behind the trees, our car would be waiting and back to the campus we would go.
After the river, no one would be tired, but the music in the car would change to something more appropriate, Sunset Songs (as I like to call them). You know them, the kind of songs that remind you of being at fireworks or outside music festivals.
The day would be perfect so far. After the lake, it would be front-porch time. All of my roommates and friends would be done with whatever they were doing for the day, and those who had joined us on the river would have caught their second winds. So the porch would wait for outrageous conversations that just make everyone laugh, because everyone is lazy after such a great day.
It's not that great of a day.
But I snap back to reality and understand that it is after five, and I am still in the office trying to finish the work that has piled up from me taking too many days off.
So rather than Sunset Songs, I am forced to listen to the horrendous sound of the keyboard clanking and the shrill wail of the old-fashioned telephones.
Right now, I would kill for a pool, a tan, and (am I mentioning my summer beverage of choice too much?) a cold beer. So here I am, distracted again, thinking about what I am going to do when I get out of here. A patio dinner sounds great. Maybe I will eat wings. Hmmm ... I wish it was a Saturday.
Then again, I know that I will get out of here soon enough, hopefully to congregate on my front porch, with equally as disappointed friends, who have all missed the beauty of the day. I might have to skip work tomorrow, though.

- Ashley Devick is the entertainment editor of The Daily Beacon and can be reached at Don't try, however, if it's a gorgeous day.