The City of Knoxville held its first major event this weekend in the newly-renovated World's Fair Park South Lawn, with more than 30,000 people in attendance at the city's annual Fourth of July events.
"Fourth of July in Knoxville is a good time to get all of your friends together and be outside," Tony Hughes, a UT student said.
From hanging out at the lake, boating all day with friends and family, to playing in the fountains at the World's Fair Park, Knoxville provided a full array of activities to choose from to enjoy the nation's birthday.
The World's Fair Park was the main attraction for all ages. With inflatable slides for the children and several vendors of food and beverages for the adults, the City of Knoxville provided an event-filled location, all centered around the Fourth of July.
Darrin Worley recently moved to Knoxville from Dayton, Ohio, and enjoyed the setup at Worlds Fair Park.
"It's been quite a treat, we brought my little stepson and have enjoyed very much most of the activities here. We're very happy to be here. We've had a great time so far," said Worley.
During the day, the fountain area of the newly-revamped World's Fair Park would explode geyser-like streams of water in which the children splashed and played until the sun went down. Families crowded in the park to enjoy the day.
The City provided a great deal of live music for the adults to listen to, including the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, who played up until the fireworks show began.
The fireworks went off right around 10 p.m., and the crowd settled down on the grass to enjoy the bright explosions that lit up Knoxville. As the first explosions went off, the KSO finished up their performance and let the display take center stage.
The fireworks were unique with shapes of hearts and stars blasting off in the finale.
The grass was filled all throughout the day with the large group of attendees who were celebrating the holiday. The smell of bottle rockets and barbecue was strong in the air, making this Fourth of July reminiscent to others Knoxville has seen.