1. Someone Get the Guy a Kleenex - The majority of us were in elementary school when Johhny Depp starred in "Cry Baby," igniting our enthrallment as the heartthrob of our early years.
Despite our parents, who tried to teach us to do the right thing, never did a young girl want more badly to be with the "bad boy".
That trademark teardrop tattoo made girls swoon on sight. He was the kind of guy our fathers would chase down with a shotgun and that made us want him even more.
2. Parles-tu Francais? - In an attempt to get out of the Hollywood "fishbowl," Depp moved to a small town outside of Paris with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and their two children.
Not only does he live near the "city of love," but he speaks the language. Not very many things can top the "sexiness scale" like a beautiful man that speaks French.
3. Maybe It's Maybelline - There aren't too many guys in this world, with the exception of some really pretty drag queens, that can pull off a serious amount of black eyeliner.
In the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," Depp has some perfectly smudged black eyeliner during the entire course of the movie.
It's hard to find a girl on which this ever looks decent, let alone a guy. Yet, somehow, Depp pulls it off and makes it look darn good.
4. Officer Hanson to the Rescue - In the age of cop shows like "Law & Order," "CSI," "NYPD Blue" and "24," one can definitely appreciate the era of "21 Jump Street."
The best derivative of the drama, which aired from 1987-1991, was launching Depp's career.
After Depp left the series in 1990, he moved into the big screen with his leading role in "Cry Baby."
After four years of playing the good guy, Depp must have been itching to play the bad boy. And that's not a problem because he does it so well.
5. Is There Anything He Can't Do? - Being one of the most versatile actors of our time is of itself noteworthy.
Depp has played a gypsy, a drug dealer, a dyslexic silent film lover, a Don Juan and a murder investigator, among many other roles.
Though many actors succumb to the Hollywood life, Depp has remained true to himself and his craft despite the glare of the public eye.
With upcoming roles including Willy Wonka, the author of "Peter Pan," and a mystery novel writer, Depp seems to want to keep us on our toes wondering what to expect from him next.