The lore of the Emerald Isle and St. Patrick's Day will be brought to the Laurel Theatre tonight by renowned storyteller Kathleen Mavournin.
Mavournin, one of the original founders of Jubilee Community Arts and member of the Smoky Mountain Storytellers and the National Storytelling Network, will present tales that people of all ages will enjoy.
"The idea behind having Kathleen come is to do something that will appeal to all ages so that families will be able to come together," said Karan Dotson, program coordinator of Laurel Theatre.
Mavournin will be telling Irish stories for St. Patrick's Day, folk tales and Irish versions of familiar fairy tales. Though she is not Irish, according to Dotson, she has always had an interest in Ireland and the British Isles.
"Irish storytelling is full of wry humor and fantastical beings. However, storytelling is not only, or even primarily, for children," Mavournin said.
And Mavournin has years of experience and skill.
"She has participated in summer series with music and storytelling concerts for children for day cares and so on. She has also done programs in the schools and Renaissance fairs (and) lead workshops on storytelling," said Toby Koosman, concert manager of Laurel Theatre.
In addition, Dotson said those who decide to attend the event will encounter a warm, charming and engaging storyteller.
"It would be a very enjoyable cultural experience that the whole family can share," Dotson said. "And since it is early in the evening, it is a way to start out St. Patrick's Day and be able to include the young ones in the celebration."
The cost is $5.
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