o Neyland should be as loud as it was against Notre Dame every week. Jason Allen shouldn't have to jump up and down and plead with the fans to get loud. If you are going to go to the games then stand up, yell and help your team. They deserve at least that much.

o Congratulations Daily Beacon, you just hit rock bottom last Tuesday with a front page article about Greek fashion trends. How about reporting on more current events. They actually matter.

o Is there any way we can get actual political discourse from the political columnists at The Beacon? This past Thursday we had a column all about "rightist nonsense" that said nothing. Come on guys.

o I can understand getting bad tickets for football games (in a visiting fan section) once. But two games in a row! It's ridiculous for UT students to be nested in with opposing fans. Go Big Orange Screw!

o It's one thing to express an opinion, but it annoys me when elitist, wannabe pundits see fit to belligerently pigeonhole and insult anyone who disagrees with him in his column week after week. Can you say, Thomas Walker?

o Is there any possible way that we could exchange the white sandpaper in the bathrooms for real, honest-to-goodness toilet paper? Our chafed student bodies would certainly be much obliged.

o I don't understand why students would want to vandalize their own school with chalk, toilet paper, etc. Its as if UT didn't lack in appearance already.

o I'm tired of trying to find a parking space at night when there are non-campus events going on at Thompson-Boling. I pay for a parking tag, I shouldn't have to pay $5 for event parking just to go to the library.

o What is with all these guys blowing leaves around and picking them up?! The fact that the university actually pays people to pick up the leaves is ridiculous. And then if that's not enough, you can usually find them trying to rake the leaves in the rain!

o John Carruthers' editorials are best put to use lining the bottom of a recycling bin than being read by a student body with an average ACT score of 24.6987. I sincerely hope this is not the best the English department has to offer. Best of luck and Godspeed in pursuing his replacement.

o I hate TRUFFLZ. I think the comic section in the paper struggles in general to be funny, but I just flat out hate TRUFFLZ. I have never witnessed a worse attempt at satire and wit (particularly political satire). At least if it were funny I could get past the terrible artwork.