o All of the staff members in the Music Library were very helpful and kind when I visited the library on Oct. 29. I am very appreciative of their help, and they should be applauded for their efforts.
o Can UT put some current pictures on the university Web site? As much as I love mullets, I can't stand looking at the same pictures everytime I get on the Web site, not to mention the bad unappealing image it gives our school. Spice it up a little, hire someone to take daily pictures, it's not hard.
o Noise in the library is ridiculous. I mean it's a library. It is supposed to be quiet. The cell phone talking and socializing can go on someplace else. Half the people in the library go there to feel good about themselves while flirting the entire time. We need some sliders or something to muffle the sound of the wooden chairs on the marble floors as well.
o BCS rankings are out of control. We got guys with not a speck of athletic ability who couldn't make their middle school football teams devising complex equations to determine the best football team. And come on, why is Georgia in front of Tennessee by six spots in one poll? Give me a freaking break.
o I want to rave about the play of Brent Schaeffer on Saturday. He looked great and really sparked the offense. And I have to rant about the AP and Coaches polls that continue to rank us behind Georgia. That's ridiculous! Anyway, get well soon, Brent!
o UT's campus is not that big. It takes all of 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other. If you are so lazy that you can't walk from the dorms to Humanities or can't walk up the hill then you deserve to wait 10 minutes for the T to pick you up.
o How in the hell is Matt Giles the sports editor of this paper? He is in last place in picks when he is supposed to be the sports guru of The Daily Beacon. I heard Duke is looking for a sports editor to write negative articles about their team ... Giles would be a perfect fit.
o I hate it when people rush into the elevator before the people trying to exit get a chance to get out. These are on the same level as the people who ride the elevator up one floor in Andy Holt. Boo on you.