o Diversity encourages expression of any view. Only praying in the name of Jesus is a no-no at diversity council meetings. That's their way of acknowledging Jesus as special. Some folks never get asked whether they may be offended.
o Ban tobacco smoking in public places now! It is unconscionable that my non-first-hand-smoking lungs get poisoned because someone else has a nicotine addiction. Ireland banned it - why can't Tennessee?
o I'm trying my best to become adequately informed about all the issues before the election in November. I wish The Beacon's political writers could talk about actual issues, not why Bush is stupid or why they dislike Kerry.
o Politics has always been a spectacle. Whether Bush or Kerry is elected in November, we'll still be paying in blood, dollars and tears for this ridiculous testosterone-driven farce of militarism and masculinity.
o It really chaps my ass to see recyclable items in garbage cans, but what's worse is when these items are placed in the trash component of the recycling bins. Why the apathy?
o I've been hearing a lot about this effort to get Knoxville to ban smoking in bars. Why? Non-smokers have lots of choices already. Give smokers at least a few places to spend their money.