o Jeers to the spineless, anti-literacy Knox County commissioners who killed the proposed new downtown public library. We know who you are, and we will remember you at election time.
o It blows my mind that anyone who has listened to Bush speak is even considering electing an inarticulate fool to be the president of the United States of America.
o For some reason, I can't find me a girlfriend. I mean c'mon! I'm sexy, I'm well read, and I'm romantic. And I'm easy, too!
o The Bumble Bear. Shouldn't the cheesy "art bears" stay downtown instead of defacing one of the most prominent buildings on campus?
o Some sidewalks on campus are becoming overtaken by low tree limbs. These need to be trimmed back before someone loses an eye.
o The new sand volleyball court - Rave: They redid the layout and added new sand. Rant: The new sand is unbelievably rough and gives worse scrapes than the intramural turf.
o The T needs to iron out its schedule and logistics. You wait 20 minutes only to find three buses tailgating each other, with the back two completely empty.
o Why would someone mail a rent check without all the other roommates? Does it really take that long to write a check? Who is so busy that they can't wait one minute for me to write a check? Now I have to go buy just one envelope and one stamp because one short person is trying to make my life a living hell.
o How come UT doesn't have an official drink? We should have a contest in order to find the official drink of UT. It could be a Jack Daniel's and coke or it could be a blended orange juice and champagne. Either way UT needs an official drink that way we know what to party with. Git-R-Done.
o So it's 12:43 on Monday night. John C. Hodges and I are still hanging out. Club reserve is quiet and Communications 340 is keeping me up all night. That's funny, I don't care who you are, that's just funny.