Anne-Claire Siegert
Staff Writer

Tuesday night, you will find a unique style of music lighting up the Old City for the first time.
Exit 111 will feature Catch 22, New Jersey's most successful ska-punk combo. The band is not only unique in its sound, but also possesses the ability to really work the crowd, as they have entertained audiences all over the world.
Ben Aldom, owner of Exit 111, has a difficult time pining down the band, but their sound incorporates an unparalleled mixture of Jazz, R&B, Soul and Funk.
“This genre of music is tricky. It is a predecessor to reggae, and it brings more flavor than your typical rock and roll,” Aldom said.
Unlike typical bands, Catch 22 brings the excitement of live horn players busting out solos and picking up the pulsating sound of the band.
They compel your feet to move and your body to feel. And in the end, the result is a reggae-jazz jam that fulfills your desire for a new sound.
Catch 22 has been called the best ska band performing right now — touring all over the world and gracing fans on such tours as Ska is Dead.
And although the band members have spent a good amount of time recording, their element is found performing live and playing off the energy of a fiery crowd.
Catch 22 has a repertoire that not only includes basic guitar, bass and drums, but also the trumpet and the saxophone. The band’s many influences include Sublime, early Weezer and NOFX. The band has entertained alongside Pennywise, Reel Big Fish, Suicide Machines and The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones.
Tuesday, Catch 22 will be playing with four other quasi-ska acts — Perfect Orange, Whole Wheat Bread and A Whilhelm Scream — at Blue Cats.
With this show comes not only a unique appeal, but a lot of hype.
Aldom said he anticipates the show will bring “the hottest energy you will see anywhere.” And PR manager of Blue Cats, Lenore Kinder, called the show “the hottest ticket in town.”
As Kinder and Aldom both professed, Catch 22 isn't a typical jam-band — think of the sound of live trumpets and saxophones bouncing off the wall and the adrenaline that coincides with good, live music.
Doors will open at 8 p.m. Cover will be $8 at the door.