Emily Ledbetter and Chad Elmore
Staff Writers

Sundays are a strange proposition. It’s technically still the weekend, but without the feeling of freedom to go out and have the kind of fun that needs a day or two of recovery. Flying in the face of tradition, Pilot Light is hosting a show full of wild rock music with bands Oh My God and Matgo Primo.
Armed with melodic rhythms and wacky onstage personas, Matgo Primo stands alone in their genre. Having formed less than two years ago in Knoxville, brothers Tim and Greg Eisinger handle the guitar and drums, respectively, while Ryan Rickles is on the bass and Dorian Starbuckdeluca (yes, that is his real name) is described as a madman on the guitar.
“Dorian listens to a lot of hair bands, so he’s our rock god,” Greg Eisinger said.
If the music isn’t enough for concert-goers, the show of Matgo Primo should push it over the top. Members of the band sport different makeup and costumes during their live performance. “We dress up to add to the show, to reflect the glam nature of the music,” Tim Eisinger said.
The most common garb is a zombie, but other band members have different ideas. “In the beginning, Dorian always dressed up as a ninja, a guitar ninja,” Greg said.
Granted, the costumes aren’t adequate reflections of the guys of Matgo Primo. As they sit across the table during this interview, the Eisinger brothers look like a nice and quiet pair, although an eclectic one. “We do take on personas while onstage, but they are different from our own,” Tim said.
Ultimately, Matgo Primo just wants to put on a good show for their fans. They figure, the more they can entertain the concert-goers, the more likely that they’ll return. “We want to keep it intense, and keep people’s attention,” Greg said, “Our show is fun to watch and get into, plus no one will forget.”
And for the name, the band refuses to comment.
“All I’ll say is that it is the name of a great man, who shall remain anonymous,” Tim said. With an album in the works and a couple of upcoming local shows, Matgo Primo has nowhere to go but up.
“My plan is to dominate the music scene, globally,” boasts Greg.
Of course, if that isn’t enough, it’s time to dust off that old electric organ and throw away the guitars, because Oh My God is coming to town. Crossing genres as they cross the country, the band is slated to bring down the house this Sunday at Pilot Light.
The alternative rock/indie band defies convention with a sound fueled by organ harmonies rather than guitar licks. The Chicago trio formed the band in 1998 when organist Iguana met vocalist Bill O’Neill at a local show. The duo later picked up drummer Bish to form a drums/organ/vocal explosion.
The band’s impressive touring schedule includes over 130 shows. Along with the touring resume the band has produced five albums starting with 2000’s self titled EP.
Following their debut the band put out “Well,” which earned them accolades from heavy hitters like Rolling Stone. The entertainment giant dubbed them one of the “bands to look out for” in 2002. The band has found success on various musical charts including the College and Alternative chart.
Both publications and Web heads alike have taken notice of the unique sound. In 2004 alone the band’s Web site averaged more than 50,000 hits per month.
The band’s sound focuses on heavy hitting melodies and electronic organ goodness. With a powerful drum detonation sure to level any audience in attendance, Oh My God might have the listener screaming just that.