Hungry for something new on campus? If so, head down to Hess Hall. Following the passage up a ramp, to the left and through a mini-size grocery, you’ll see Kentucky Fried Chicken, the newest restaurant on campus.
Although not famous for appealing to vegetarians, KFC is the most famous place to go for chicken of different varieties. Whether you like strips, sandwiches or even burrito-style chicken wraps, KFC can meet your demand. Two of KFC’s most popular items are the Twister and the Triple-zinger.
For the under-informed, the KFC in Hess Hall opened on Oct. 16, and the restaurant had its grand opening Oct. 23. Since then it’s been going strong, and every day a line of students forms for some good ol’ Kentucky Fried Chicken — but never for long.
“Everything goes faster than other places on campus,” Jesse Davis, an undecided sophomore, said.
Even if the food selection is smaller than you might expect from other KFC restaurants, its quality does not suffer. After all, it’s just as — if not more — important to keep customers happy than it is to make profits, said Faqaz El-Salim, KFC’s retail operations assistant.
There’s more to it than just quality though.
“It saves the students time to come to KFC,” El-Salim said.
Because it’s located in Hess Hall, KFC is roughly in the middle of the popular part of campus. With the library a short walk down the road and Presidential Court yard on the other side, KFC is close to everyone — except for those poor students at the Ag campus or on the Hill.
But how did KFC end up coming to campus, let alone Hess? It turns out that between the Student Advisory Council and surveys given out by the Aramark (the company behind most of the campus restaurants), students voted chicken as the second most-desired food on campus — deli being the first — and they wanted to see more of it.
A year later, and after much anticipation, KFC was opened to the public, ready for all the challenges and possible rewards that await any restaurant opening in such a non-traditional market.
So what do students think about KFC so far?
Well, only good comments have come to Mary Patterson, the marketing director of Aramark. She also said that KFC will in fact be extending its hours during exam times, so all of you planning to spend long hours at the library studying for your finals can add KFC to your list of possible easily accessible sources of nourishment.
And to all you guys and girls who like to sit down and eat, but who just aren’t tall enough to reach the four-foot tall Red Bull tables, don’t worry: management is looking to put in benches.