Jag Star, a Knoxville band, will promote its new CD “The Best Impression of Sanity” with a release concert on Dec. 8 at World Grotto in Market Square.
The pop/rock band has joined on stage with major acts such as Simple Plan, Michelle Branch, Bowling for Soup and Dashboard Confessional. Jag Star’s music has also been featured on television shows such as “Laguna Beach,” “Strong Medicine,” “The Real World” and “The Hills.” Jag Star is the only independent band on “The Hills” soundtrack. Other artists on this soundtrack include Pink, Nelly Furtado and Good Charlotte.
Lead singer Sarah Lewis has won many songwriting awards including winning the USA Songwriting Competition, London’s “We Are Listening” and Songwriter Universe’s “Song of the Month.” She has also been runner-up in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and the Billboard Songwriting Competition.
“Blender Magazine” included Jag Star on its compilation CD as one of “the eight hottest bands in the country.” Its music was also placed on Ireland/UK’s compilation CD, spotlighting “Rising Stars,” as one of the hottest up-and-coming groups in the world.
The new CD, “The Best Impression of Sanity,” is clear evidence of Lewis’ award-winning songwriting ability. The 13 pop songs are written by Lewis and co-produced by guitarist “Just J.” Each song has a new and fresh sound, as Jag Star keeps growing and pushing boundaries. Lewis can power out moving lyrics and serenade crowds with softer melodies. The real range of her talent is brought out even more with each new work of the band.
“Leavin’,” the song featured on MTV’s show “The Hills,” is upbeat and has the kind of catchy chorus that people will want to memorize and sing. Jag Star’s songs are geared for mainstream radio but its songs are about much more than sex, love and money. The songs convey many different moods and emotions. Jag Star’s music is easy for listeners to relate to and also appeals to a wide audience.
Jag Star members consider their biggest accomplishment to be their overseas tour, where they have performed for the U.S. troops for the past five years. They traveled to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Singapore, Guam and many other countries. Like the soldiers, they lived in tents, and the band came back with a fresh appreciation for the many men and women serving the country.
“Going over there and seeing what they do made us feel really lucky about what we have and inspired us to stay strong and stand tall,” Lewis said.
The track, titled “Soldier,” stemmed from the band’s experience overseas. The song is about standing up for yourself, drawing similarities to characteristics of a soldier.
WUTK is the sponsor the Jag Star’s CD release at World Grotto. Jag Star will be live on WUTK Dec. 7 at 5:15 p.m.
“I admire how hard they’ve worked on pursuing their dream of becoming a successful recording band,” said Benny Smith, general manager of WUTK.
“The Best Impression of Sanity” is good enough and a strong enough CD to make fans excited while bringing in a host of new fans.