What are you doing tonight at 10? If you are one of the many avid “Project Runway” fans like I am, you will more than likely be rooting for your favorite fashion designer to win.
The popularity of the Emmy-nominated “Project Runway” has grown wings since its first season, and that is no doubt in thanks to its latest season. Tonight will bring an end to audience’s guessing eagerness during the highly-anticipated season finale’s final part.
This season, 15 American fashion designers sweated it out through weekly challenges testing skills necessary to become a professional fashion designer. In the end, four finalists were chosen to show a collection of their own designs during world-famous Olympus Fashion Week. From these four, the winner will win $100,000 to begin their own clothing line.
Various other benefits will include a fashion spread in Elle Magazine and the title of “America’s Next Great Fashion Designer” — not a bad way to begin a new and promising career.
This season alone was filled with scandal, drama and surprising twists awaited by viewers at every corner. Designer Keith Michael was the first contestant to be disqualified for breaking the rules.
Designers were asked to design everything from an evening gown, Miss USA suitable, to cocktail dresses made out of recycled materials and even outfits for fellow contestants’ mothers and sisters.
And who can forget the shock on the designers’ faces upon hearing that two previously eliminated designers would be offered a second chance to claim a spot as a finalist at Fashion Week?
This season’s final four designers are as follows: Miami-based designer Uli Herzner, known for her penchant for mixing bold patterns and colors; Michael Knight, the youngest of the designers, praised for his youthful designs as much as his ability to evade drama; Laura Bennett, the former architect who revealed in an earlier episode that she would be giving birth to her sixth child; and finally, Los Angeles designer Jeffrey Sebelia, whose list of celebrity clientelle reads like a “who’s who” of rock ‘n’ roll.
This episode is the second half of a two-part season finale; the first part aired last week. If you have missed an episode, there is no need to worry — every episode will be replayed in order leading up to the finale at 10 p.m. If you want more information about the show, including information about all of the designers, go to http://www.bravotv.com.