The International House is sponsoring a Barn Party tonight from 6 until 10 p.m.
The event will be held at a nearby off-campus farm for students interested in learning about one of America’s oldest folk traditions — the square dance.
The International House presents many opportunities for students to explore new cultural aspects such as food, music and dance programs.
“...We have been doing all kinds of international dancing demonstrations here at I-House,” Baolerhu Ligden, one of many international students that make up the staff volunteers who work at the I-House. “Dance lessons have been one of our best attended programs. As an international student myself, I feel it would be a great time for those international students to experience one of the American folk dances, square dance, in this area.”
“This particular event is not held by I-House, it is actually held by some Knoxville area community groups. Some local folks prepare food and provide space for people, and it is open for public,” Ligden said.
The cost of admission is $6, which includes both transportation and food.
Those who sign up will be transported from the I-House parking lot to the location; BBQ pork and other food will be provided by local groups.
Although this event is open to the public, spots are limited, so sign up as soon as possible.
To sign up, go to the I-House located across from Melrose and Hess Hall near the Hodges Library, or call 974-4453.
Additional information about this event, or other upcoming events hosted by I-House, are avaliable at