Jescoe is a prime example of a homegrown band that is making its way to bigger things while remaining loyal to its Knoxville supporters.
This five-piece rock group began taking shape in 2003, when lead guitarist Jason Perry began playing with a drummer, who is no longer a part of the band. Bass player Chris Karb jumped in later, followed by saxophone and rhythm guitarist Oslo Cole, who accidentally stumbled upon a rehearsal one day and, after one jam session, was asked to be a part of the band.
Perry recruited his brother Sam, who was living in Gallatin at the time, as the lead singer. Trumpet and percussion player Anthony Hussey joined permanently in 2004, and, after the Jescoe co-founder and drummer left, Adam Adkins became the drummer until fall of 2006. Ryan Meadows then came in for an audition and automatically meshed with the band, eventually replacing Adkins.
Perry said the band was surprised at the instant connection. “We had been together for over two years, and he (Meadows) played with us as if he’d been there the whole time,” Perry said.
Over the past couple years, Jescoe has been perfecting its sound, not settling on one particular genre but rather embracing a unique combination of several styles. Their influences range from Phish to Led Zeppelin to Dave Matthews Band.
“Our songs have a raw edge to them…you can hear a flare of dirty southern rock,” Perry said. “We’ve got our sound pretty well worked out…I feel like we’ve really dialed into (it).”
Now that they know where they want to be in the spectrum of style and sound, the musicians are concerned with recording music and getting it out on the shelves for old and new fans. They have plans for a full-length album for this fall, but due to recent developments, the band needs something else prepared before then.
Just a couple days ago, Jescoe received news that it is has been added to this summer’s Bonnaroo lineup. Now that the members will be performing at such a popular music festival, they hope to have a CD of new music to put out at Bonnaroo.
“As a whole, we’re really excited about this opportunity. We’ve all been to Bonnaroo several times, so we know what it’s like and what it’s about. This time, we get to go with a different approach. We’d like to see this as a milestone…an opportunity to step it up and become a more known regional band,” Perry said.
Before Jescoe represents the music Knoxville has to offer this summer at Bonnaroo, there will be several other chances to hear the up-and-coming band, including next Thursday night at Preservation Pub, right after Sundown in the City. Visit to learn more about these artists and the musical experience they have to offer.