Today at 8 p.m., the Bijou Theatre is bringing yet another band to satisfy indie and alternative rock fans. Rock band Mute Math will be taking over the stage, flooding the venue with a glorious and energetic sound.
The New Orleans four-piece began in 2001. In the early stages, the members of Mute Math decided that they wanted to be anything but the generic rock group. They immersed themselves in the music and didn’t stop playing and listening until they reached exactly what they were looking for.
“The great thing about Mute Math is that they are right in the middle of the rock genre, but their inspiration comes from so many other styles,” Hilary Neblett, a freshman in business said.
After releasing an EP titled “Reset” in September, 2004, they started performing in major U.S. cities. After touring and building up a large fan base on MySpace, Mute Math released its first self-titled LP in September, 2006.
“Mute Math incorporates a variety of instruments into their unparalleled sound to create a party in my eardrums,” Jeff McKnight, a pre-med freshman, said. “The good thing is the party never ends.”
The band’s originality has certainly helped it draw admirers from all over the country, especially to their live shows. Mute Math turns the notion of an average concert performance inside out. For this band, a concert is not a series of songs interrupted with the occasional joke or explanation of lyrics but a fresh chance to enter a musical understanding with the audience.
“Their live show is probably the most intense show I have ever seen,” Ethan Beyer, a freshman in graphic design, said.
Mute Math uses instruments that are atypical for a rock band. Lead vocalist Paul Meany does not stick to one instrument - he plays a Rhodes electric piano, keyboards and keytar. And drummer Darren King secures his headphones to his head with gaffer tape at the beginning of each show.
“If Darren didn’t tape those headphones, they would be off before the first song was over,” Beyer said. “And with the samples and the incredible lighting, the crew is almost like a part of the band.”
Mute Math’s spectacular performances have earned them invites to countless cities, as well as to such music festivals as Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and the Van’s Warped Tour.
“The anticipation that has been building up throughout the past week will end with satisfaction,” McKnight said.
The concert starts at 8 p.m. and will open with The Cinematics and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Tickets can be bought at the door for $15.