With the Oct. 14 release of the third game in the “Just Dance” series for Xbox 360 and Wii, Ubisoft is effectively creating an active social gaming empire sure to leave people sweating as they dance to “Party Rock Anthem.”

After much hype and excitement (“Just Dance 2” has sold over 10 million copies), “Just Dance 3” certainly delivers. The game, while adding tons of new songs, also comes revamped with diverse and interesting features that set it apart from the other games in the series.

The most anticipated part of “Just Dance 3” is, of course, the song selection. Once again, Ubisoft does a good job of bringing together many different genres while simultaneously choosing songs that are awesome to dance to. The songs range from ’80s hits to Daft Punk to more mainstream selections like Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.” This musical diversity will help the game appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

Also added to the latest edition are several new features. Some songs have a four-person mode where each person has a different dance; this provides more options and makes the dance seem more cohesive, like a music video. It also makes for a very crowded dance floor (especially when some people are less than talented at dancing).

For added incentive, “Just Dance 3” now has an unlockable reward system. The more a player dances, the more songs and dance modes that player can now unlock. This system is an improvement and adds a bit of consistent challenge to the game.

Another element of the reward system is that a player can now unlock dance mash-ups. These mash-ups are songs from the game that have dance moves from a variety of songs spanning the entire “Just Dance” franchise — all the best moves in one place.

And while the game has plenty of songs to keep players busy for hours, “Just Dance 3” has also added a Just Create mode. In this mode, players can choose a song and create their own choreography, and if that player chooses, he or she can even share it online. This adds an element of newness to the game. New dances will always be available because players can create infinite combinations of moves.

The graphics and game sensitivity of the “Just Dance” series are also getting better with each new installment. Now that there is more picture clarity and better background effects to transport the dancer into a different environment, this should make for a more thrilling game experience.

The only thing some players might not like wholeheartedly is the difficulty level. There is a noticeable difference between this game and the first and second games in terms of skill. The dances are more skill-oriented now, and some moves are very hard to learn. On the other hand, this level of difficulty adds extra challenge as well as hilarity when friends cannot do the move correctly.

On the whole, “Just Dance 3” is an excellent addition to the series. Its new features make for more goal-based gameplay and a social, active game experience that is fun to play, even if one is not a good dancer at all.