There is a menagerie of UT-sponsored galleries and exhibitions up and running as this fall semester begins.

An exhibit titled "The Owl and the Woodpecker" is currently running in the Frank H. McClung museum, showcasing the photography of Washington native, Paul Bannick.

The exhibit is based on Paul's book of the same title and features photographs of the various species of owl and woodpecker throughout North America while explaining their importance to the ecosystems they inhabit.

"One of the things that surprised me while doing research for this book was how many new discoveries I made," Paul said. "Each of us has the opportunity to be an explorer."

Paul's love of nature while artistically inspiring also drives his advocacy for environmental protection.

"The primary goal of my photography is to inspire conservation," said Bannick. "I do believe that in order to inspire conservation people need to figure out what it means to them."

Bannick made a presentation on August 12, at 2 p.m. in McClung Museum demonstrating various bird calls and showing over 100 photographs that are not in the exhibit.

"I don't mean to be boastful," he said, "but I put on a good show."

Any outdoors enthusiast or anyone interested in forest preservation or photography would do well to check out the exhibit and come out to the presentation.

Also on display is the Annual Alumni Art exhibit, just one of the many showcases on the VAC's (Visual Arts Committee) program for this coming year.

The exhibition features the work of six graduates in the UC.

"It just goes to show the UT community extends beyond graduation," said David Brown, junior in communications said of the exhibit.

The gallery ranges from materials art to impressionist paintings to a series on the Urban Land Scouts, a group dedicated to environmental stewardship in Eastern Tennessee. It's convenient location and flexible hours (the same as the University Center's) make the exhibition easy for anyone to enjoy.

James Ballard, member of the Central Programming Council and vice president of the Cultural Attractions Committee said of his organizations' synergy with the Visual Arts Committee.

"We are excited to work with fellow programming committees this year," Ballard said. "We are gearing up for a lot of collaboration to bring some cool and interesting things to campus this fall."

UT's downtown Ewing Gallery on Gay Street is currently showcasing an exhibit titled Figurative Works on Paper and will be featuring new galleries as the school year progresses. In short, this fall will definitely present a diverse and unique display of the visual arts available to students and the general public.