4.15.14 News Keny Induction
Hayley Brundige • The Daily Beacon

New SGA president, Kelsey Keny, was inducted by Jake Baker during the SGA transition ceremony in the Hermitage room on April 15, 2014. The other new SGA executive members were inducted by Keny.

Newly-elected SGA representatives sworn into office

"I, Kelsey Keny, solemnly swear always to uphold the ideals of the University of Tennessee and its policies as listed in Hilltopics. I will strive to uphold the constitution of the Student Government Association, and I will – to the best of my ability – represent the concerns of all students as Student Body President."

These words, spoken by Jake Baker and repeated by Kelsey Keny, marked the transition from one SGA administration to the next in the University Center Hermitage Room Tuesday night.

And as Baker took a seat at a table, Keny stood at the podium to deliver her first ...