In case you don't know it already, this issue of The Daily Beacon
will be the last one for the semester. As the staff surely realizes that
this saddens our captive audience to the point of not eating that second
piece of your grandmother's German chocolate cake, our last issue is a
reality. But, never fear, we will return next semester stronger than ever.

We would like to go ahead and acknowledge some staff changes in the
meantime. Charles Arms, design editor, and Hank DeSaix, advertising
manager, will graduate this semester and will be sincerely missed. However,
we would like to welcome Mike Smelas and Baker Haynes into those

Also, we have announced beat editors' positions for the spring. They are as
follows: Brandi Barnes, student life; Bret Jessee,
government/administration; Matt Hardin, academics; Charlotte Witt, police;
Mike Giaimo, sports; Randall Brown, entertainment; and Becky Jones,

This past semester we've brought you up-to-date campus coverage as well as
the most pertinent international news. In doing so, the focus of our news
and feature items has been on diversity, a topic which has been a hotbed of
concern and discussion around campus. We have offered local and syndicated
columnists, giving the gambit of liberal and conservative viewpoints, and
have printed letters from our readership exhibiting even further arguments,
criticisms and praises of different ideas. What's been most important,
though, is for us, while remaining unbiased, to help people to realize how
our diverse population fits into a sense of community.

For the spring semester, we very much would like the campus community to
continue its own contribution to the newspaper. If you have ideas for
stories, bring them to us in a timely manner. CONTACTING US A DAY BEFORE AN
EVENT WILL NOT GET IT COVERED. The Beacon staff consists of
full-time students; we need time for planning and execution. Also, letters
to the editor are always welcome, as they provide insight we are unable to
attain at times. But, please keep your thoughts articulate and short;
novellas on the editorial page do not fit. For the future, let's try to
keep letters down to two type-written pages. Remember, we only run eight to
twelve pages daily.

Also, if you ever thought you might like to write for the Beacon as
a reporter or columnist, or if you have an interest in photography or
editing, please come by. We accept applicants from any academic discipline
and would like to help cultivate your interests.

We are probably not going to be able to please everybody in our work. The
more you take an interest, though, the better you'll like it.

Happy Holidays, which ever ones you celebrate!