Two nights ago, the television news was covered with suppositions about
what will happen now that the GOP holds congressional power. Some fear the
changes, while others applaud them greatly.

Change is good, plain and simple. If there is no change in our government
and a static visage is forever present, what measure of right or wrong do
we have on legislation? Obviously, this change is warranted by the American

It will be particularly interesting to see how the Republican legislature
will continue to work with the Democratic executive branch of government.
More than anything, it will be an exercise in togetherness and learning,
kind of like teaching cats and dogs to play together. Stranger things have
happened, but this can be construed as a necessary evil. Having opposing
viewpoints in power at the same time will spark a lot of debate, but it
will be an excellent way to promote an exchange of ideas and compromise.

The newly elected officials in our country are about to undergo a period of
being viewed under a microscope by the American people. They have specific
changes they outlined in their preceding campaigns and are expected to
follow through with them. Not doing so would cause them to endure great
criticism. It would logically follow that we can assume what most of
these changes will be. It is doubtful that we'll see any unexpected changes
for quite awhile.

The pendulum has swung once again. It does that from time to time and has
to do so in order to keep a good balance. It is healthy to make changes as
the environment and the world around us changes. Our governmental
leadership should reflect our basic needs based upon change and not aimless

If officials don't bring us what we need to operate as a productive
society, we'll boot them out in the next election. Because, after all, that
is our duty, right? At any rate, we need to give the GOP a chance and stop
worrying about things that haven't even happened yet.