1792 - Samuel Carrick opens a seminary in his Knoxville home.

1794 - Carrick's seminary chartered by the Territorial Legislature as
Blount College

1795 - College moves to town square

1796 - Tennessee becomes a state

1807 - Blount College becomes East Tennessee College

1809 Carrick dies unexpectedly; college suspends operations.

1820 East Tennessee College reopens; David Sherman named 2nd president

1826 Dr. Charles Coffin named 3rd president

1828 East Tennessee College moves to the Hill

1833 James Piper named 4th president

1834 Joseph Estabrook named 5th president

1836 UT National Alumni association established

1840 East Tennessee College renamed East Tennessee University; enrollment
is 98.

1846 University courses organized into departments

1850 - 62 W.B. Reese named 6th president. Rev. George Cooke named 7th
president. Rev. William Carnes named 8th president. Rev. J.J. Ridley named
9th president.

1861-62 Students leave for Civil War

1862 Confederate Army occupies campus; university temporarily closed

1865 Rev. Thomas Humes named 10th president

1866 University uses Deaf and Dumb Asylum while repairs are made to

1869 Legislature designated East Tennessee University as the state's land
grant institution

1872 South College constructed, the oldest building now on campus

1879 East Tennessee University becomes the University of Tennessee

1887 Charles Dabney becomes 11th president

1890 UT Law department established

1893 Entire university open to women

1903 State Legislature appropriates first tax funds to UT

1904 Brown Ayres becomes 12th president. Enrollment is 729.

1909 Annual operating appropriations given to UT

1911 Medical and dental departments move to Memphis from Nashville

1917 UT receives its first million dollar appropriation.

1919 Harcourt A. Morgan named 13 th president

1921 Ayres Hall completed. Shields-Watkins Field completed in 2 days.

1926 Robert Neyland named head football coach.

1933 James Hoskins named 14th president.

1939 Football team undefeated

1946 C.E. Brehm named 15th president.

1947 Enrollment is 12,588

1950 University admits first black graduate students

1951 Vols win national football championship

1954 First degree awarded to a black student, an M.S. to Lillian

1956 UT Medical Center opens in Knoxville.

1959 Andrew D. Holt named 16th president

1961 First black students enrolled as undergraduates

1964 UT Space Institute and School of Architecture established

1965 - 66 Major westward expansion of campus

1968 UT system formed with campuses at Knoxville, Chattanooga, Martin and

1969 College of Communications established

1970 Ed Boling named 17th president

1971 School of Nursing established

1974 College of Veterinary Medicine established

1985 Rhea Seddon, UT medical school graduate, is second woman in

1986 Margaret Perry becomes first female chancellor; Alumni association
celebrates 150th anniversary.

1987 Lady Vols win first of three National Championships.

1988 Lamar Alexander named 18th president

1991 Dr. Joseph Johnson named 19th president

1992 Dr. William T. Synder becomes UTK Chancellor