The following facts and excerpts are taken from past editions of the
Volunteer Yearbook, The Daily Beacon and Mugwump, the
campus magazine preceeding the


UT employed 25 professors and boasted a senior class of 28 students, 12 of
whom were enrolled in the law school. The other 16 seniors bonded in the
Academic Department and were known for their chant:

"Come up seven! Come eleven!

Sixteen seniors, Ô97!

Bingelty, bangelty, jamboree-

We're THE SENIORS - Tennessee!"

The Volunteer football team also went undefeated, clobbering its four
opponents: Williamsburg Institute (Ky.), Chattanooga Athletic Association,
Virginia Polytechnic and Centre College (Ky.).


A questionnaire done by the YMCA asked UT men to describe the "ideal girl."
Seventy percent of the respondents said the ideal woman does not dance, and
100 percent agreed that a lady should be "home-loving," studious and
attractive. The men also unanimously said the ideal woman should limit the
number of dates she accepts.

UT enrolled 39 graduate students.


A joke appearing in the Mugwump had one college man say to another,
"A penny for your thoughts." His friend's reply, "Not worth it. I was
thinking about your girlfriend."


UT's Dairy Judging Team won three silver cups and eight medals at the
National Dairy Show and Tri-state Fair in Memphis.


The Volunteer football team slid by Alabama to win with a 15-13 score. The
Tennesse-Kentucky game ended with neither school a victor, marring the
Vols' near-perfect season record, 9-0-1.


More jokes from Mugwump.

Landlord: "This room was formerly occupied by a chemist. He invented a new

Prospective boarder: "I suppose those spots on the wall are the results of
his experiments?"

Landlord: "Well, indirectly, yes; you see, that is the chemist."

A typical college student is always willing to try new adventures, provided
his buddy will come along.


"No. You busy?"


"Let's go to class."


Homecoming day, Saturday Oct. 23 after the Vols lost a grueling game
against Alabama, the crowd remained in the stands and sang the Alma Mater.
"It was better than winning the game" was the caption underneath the photo
of the singing fans.

Duke also defeated Tennessee 2-10, but the Vols rebounded with the coaching
of Gen. Robert Neyland to finish the season with a 7-3 record.


The men's basketball tam won the Southeastern Conference

University policy required every fraternity to have a house mother reside
in its home to keep young ladies out and the men in line.


Coach Neyland became a legend. He was the first coach in the country to
have a football team invited to three major Bowl games in three consecutive
years (The Orange Bowl in Ô39, Rose Bowl in Ô40 and Sugar Bowl in


The tennis team returned to UT after years of absence.

The primary purpose of the Hill was to serve as a playing field for
intramural sport games.

The Beaver Club was Tennessee's official co-ed welcoming committee for all
guests. The club's mission was to "express the best in school spirit and
the felling of loyalty to the University. To get the club's quota of
members, one beaver is chosen from each fraternity and sorority, and four
independent beavers are added."


UT's Pride of the Southland Band celebrate its "Golden Jubilee," 50 years
of service to the university. Tennessee's band set the pace for other
schools to follow by playing familiar tunes with coordinated dancing during
the half-time of football games. The songs Carolina In The Morning
and Sewanee
established the reputation of UT having "the best band
in the South."

The Women's Student Government Association regulated all female
organizations on campus that were not under faculty jurisdiction. A
representative from every womens' group belonged to keep standards and
ideals high at the university.


The football team squashed the Duke Blue Devils 20-0. The Vols, with a
10-0 season, were ranked No. 1 and took the National Championship title
from Notre Dame.


The band grew to 88 members.


Tennessee held the first "Miss UT Pageant," sponsored by Circle K and
the Volunteer. Miss UT represented the campus in the Miss Tennessee


The residence halls overfilled because of an increase of enrollment, and
many arriving students discovered they did not have a place to live. The
residence hall study rooms were converted to bedrooms and homeless co-eds
were assigned to live there or in apartments off-campus.

Appliances prohibited the residence halls included popcorn poppers and
refrigerators, and of course, alcohol and drugs were contraband. "But were
they? As one passed by a dorm window on a sunny afternoon, one might have
had the pleasure of seeing a lovely cannabis plant sunning itself in the
window sill."

Fridays between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Hess Hall's fourth floor regularly hosted
an illegal beer bust.


Michael Jackson moonwalked into Neyland Stadium and performed his Victory
Tour for 48,783 fans Aug. 10-12. Tickets cost $30 each.

Lady Vols Basketball Coach Pat Head Summit coached the U.S. Women's Olympic
basketball team to victory over South Korea, winning the gold medal in Los
Angeles. Two Lady Vols players and an assistant coach were also a part of
the team.