Students who enjoy debating the Constitution will have a discussion group
to vent their ideas this Fall Semester.

The Libertarian Students Association is sponsoring a constitutional
discussion group which will meet every other Thursday for the remainder of
the Fall Semester.

The group is called "Q*," which is pronounced Q-star.

"Q* represents quality of life raised to the ultimate exponential power,"
said Theodore Harrison Rhodes, president of the organization.

Rhodes has held Q* discussions with libertarians in the Knoxville community
before, but will bring the format to the campus as an extra curricular
activity for the first time this fall.

"Quality of life is relative," Rhodes said. "Life in Russia is better than
life in North Korea. Life in the United States is better than life in
Russia. In Q*, we develop a fictitious country which would have a better
quality of life than we have now in the United States," he said.

Rhodes says the best way to achieve that higher quality of life is to write
a new constitution from scratch.

He claims too many rights are missing from our present constitution.

"Right now, we have no constitutional right to privacy. We also have no
protection from the government taxing our incomes at 100 percent and even
higher," Rhodes said.

In previous discussions, Q* participants have developed five branches of
government, instead of the three branches normally associated with modern

One of the additional Q* branches is the electorate, which would have the
power to establish law through intiative and could repeal law through

Another Q* branch would be called "anti-government," which would reduce
power of government agencies.

"This would remove the conflict of interest we have when the government
appoints independent counsel to investigate itself," he said.

Liberals, conservatives, feminists and people of other diverse backgrounds
are encouraged to join in the discussion.

"You don't have to be a Libertarian to join in," Rhodes said. "Anyone
present at the discussion will have a vote as a delegate to our
constitutional convention," he added.

Those interested in participating in Q* should be sure to attend the first
few meetings, since content for subsequent meetings will be based on
arguments established early in the semester.

All Q* meetings will be at 7 p.m. Thursdays in 218 University Center. The
first meeting will be held this Thursday.

Subsequent meetings will be on the following dates: Sept. 22; Oct. 6, 20;
Nov. 3, 20.