SGA Safety Committee Recommendations

Lighting and Visibility

Increase lighting on
north sides of Ayers Hall and Walters Life Sciences Building.

Send reminders to those
responsible to turn on the lights in the Panhellenic courtyard. The
courtyard is poorly lit because lights aren't turned on.

Trim the vegetation on
the 16th Street side of Panhellenic.

Increase lighting
between the Carousel Theater and Art and Architecture Building.

Install lights on the
side of McClung Tower facingClaxton. Also, upgrade lighting on stairs
leading from McClung Plaza to corner of Volunteer Boulevard and Andy Holt

Install temporary
lighting where permanent lighting has been removed because of

Increase lighting on
north side of Andy Holt Avenue fromHodges Library and Humes Hall, as well
as in front of Student Health Clinic.

Increase lighting
between Hodges Library and Tyson Alumni Center.

Bluelight Phones

Install phone in the
HPER/track area.

Install phone at corner
of Pat Head Summit Street and Volunteer Boulevard.

Relocate the phone on
the south side, lower level of the UC to a more visible site, preferably
near the money wall.

Install phone at the
northeast corner of Walters Life Sciences Building.

Install phone at the
southeast corner of McClung Plaza.

Crosswalk Recommendations

Create a new
crosswalk along Andy Holt Avenue between the tennis courts next to Claxton
and the ramp leading up to the UC Plaza next to Glocker.

Repaint the crosswalks
on campus with reflective paint to allow drivers to see pedestrians at