He advocates federal funding for AmeriCorps, which provides
college tuition money for students who volunteer certain amounts of time to
participate in community service. He also supports tax deductions for up to
$10,000 of college tuition.

He proposes the availability of World Wide Web access in every library and
classroom in the United States by the year 2000. He is a proponent of
character education in public elementary schools.

Foreign Policy: He is a proponent of open foreign trade, and
believes foreign markets help produce jobs for Americans. He believes the
United States should play a role in establishing peace throughout the world
and supports U.S. involvement in the United Nations.

Tax Reform: He proposes lessening the income tax burden without
making budget cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, education or the

Welfare: He calls for a reformation of the current system which
includes limits on the amount of time recipients may draw federal aid, work
requirements for recipients, and daycare for the children of recipients who
work during the day.

--Based on the January 23, 1996 State of the Union Address