Abortion: He believes that abortion should be legal only in cases of
rape, incest or when the mother's life is in danger.

Affirmative Action: He opposes quotas, set-asides or any other
program which favors individuals who belong to a certain social group. He
is in favor of programs to remedy past discrimination as long as
preferences are not given.

Education: He is in favor of abolishing the Department of Education
and opposes AmeriCorps, which gives students money for college in return
for performing community service.

Foreign Policy: He supports halting illegal immigration with harsher
border patrols and greater efforts to deport aliens. He also opposes
placing U.S. troops under U.N. command in military situations.

Tax Reform: He is in favor of a flat tax system and the abolition of
the IRS. He supports a constitutional amendment which would require a 60
percent majority in Congress to raise income taxes. He is in favor of such
changes as a $500 per child tax credit, IRA's for homemakers, and adoption
tax credits.

Welfare: He proposes abolishing the current welfare system and
reallocating the responsibility to the states. He believes single teen
parents should receive assistance to stay in school and recipients of
welfare should be forced to work.

--Based on information provided on the Dole for President official
Internet homepage at