He believes abortion should be illegal except in cases when
the mother's life is in danger.

Affirmative Action: He would encourage the U.S. Justice Department
to prosecute cases of discrimination in the public and private sector.

Education: He would "slightly decrease" federal funding budgeted
toward student loan programs. He would end funding for AmeriCorps, a
program in which college students receive money from the federal government
for higher education in return for participating in community service.

He would implement programs providing parents with vouchers to send
their children to any participating public, private, or religious school.
He would eliminate the U.S. Department of Education and federal funding for
education in grades K-12.

Foreign Policy: He believes foreign aid should be scaled back and
eventually eliminated except under extraordinary circumstances. He does not
support NAFTA or the World Trade Organization.

Tax Reform: He supports instituting a flat income tax,provided it is
low and is a step toward abolishing the IRS. He would also increase the
level of deductions allowed in personal income taxes. He would eliminate
capital gains taxes.

Welfare: He would eliminate the current welfare system and shift the
administration of welfare to faith-based and community-based

--Based on Keyes' responses to the 1996 Presidential Primary National
Political Awareness Test taken from Project Vote Smart's web site at