been changed, reflecting campus-wide budget reductions.

"In order to deal with the requirement for reductions in the staff
salary we left some positions vacant," said Aubrey Mitchell, associate
dean of libraries. "This made it necessary for us to reduce the hours."

Library administrators decided on the shortened hours, which are effective
today, because they were asked not to cut elsewhere in the library budget.

"The library was faced with a budget reduction and we had to make
cuts," said Joe Rader, special assistant to the dean of libraries.
"Although everything was looked at, the administration asked us not
to cut the materials budget."

The Library Management Group was responsible for determining where
to make the cuts. The group is comprised of the department leaders within
Hodges Library and the heads of all the other library units.

The group cut the hours based on the times when most materials were
checked out.

"Our student population is our first interest and we made sure
not to affect them more than we had to," Mitchell said. "The
times when we aren't open, there was less traffic than normal."

The Map Library, located in Hoskins Library, is the only exception
to the cut in hours. In fact, this branch has increased its hours. A complete
study was done on the Map Library. It was decided that the library would
be of greater use if its hours were extended.

The all-night study area in Hodges have the same hours with the exception
of Fridays, when it will close at 8 p.m. The study lounge previously closed
at 10 p.m. on Friday nights. However, the study area will have extended
hours during finals week.

The new hours could be a permanent adjustment for students.

"There is no plan at present to change the spring hours from the
new ones this fall," Mitchell said.

For more information, call the library hours line at 974-6054 or visit
the library's World Wide
Web site .

"We hope these cuts will have a minimal effect on students,"
Rader said. "We know how important it is for students to come to the
library when they need to."