in the shipping business," hasn't quite made it to port this semester
with its valuable textbook cargo.

Bill Havens, a junior in sociology, decided to hit the bookstore early,
but was surprised to find empty shelves where some textbooks should have
been waiting for him. Then he remembered the two-week-long UPS strike.

"There are a few books I need that are missing," Havens said.
"Hopefully they'll be in before we get too deep into classes. It would
be a lot tougher to do well without having all the resources."

According to Wade Meadows, the director of the UT Book and Supply Stores,
Havens may have to wait another week to get the rest of his books.

"There's an awful lot of shipments that we can't trace," Meadows
explained. "UPS isn't able to tell us where they are or when they'll
arrive. We have been reordering and double ordering to try to get the books
here as soon as possible. In about a week we should have most of the orders
here or at least located."

Meadows noted that most textbooks for freshmen have already arrived,
but books for upperclassmen in a wide spectrum of majors are missing.

"It's not really books for particular subjects that are missing,"
he said. "It's random throughout all subjects."

"Despite the strike, some of these shipping problems could have
been avoided," Meadows continued. "Professors are supposed to
order their fall books in April but a lot of them didn't do it until August;
so the strike affected us a little more than it had to."

Meadows also mentioned that it's not just books that haven't arrived,
but a lot of other merchandise such as gameday paraphenalia. Although it
is not definite, he expects more to arrive by Saturday.

"Overall, things are picking up," he said. "Today we
received 75 UPS packages, as opposed to less than 15 per day that we received
during the strike. UPS has always been who we relied on most for shipping,
but we're going to change that. We'll spread out business among more companies
to avoid any problems like this that might come up in the future."

--> The Bookstore met an overflow of students this week, but
hardly an overflow of books. The UPS strike has prevented some textbooks
from arriving in time for the first day of classes. Henry T. Perry III