Scores of University of Tennessee students and supporters underwent the

needle last week, collecting record amounts of blood and pummeling the University

of Kentucky in the 11th annual BlueOrange Blood Drive battle against UK.

In the Medic-sponsored annual blood-collecting competition against Kentucky,

UT students and other Vols supporters drew a record total of 3,121 pints.

Kentucky collected 2,704 pints.

The Tennessee victory marks only the fourth in the BlueOrange Blood Drive's

11-year history.

"I think people were enthusiastic maybe more so this year because

we emphasized the fact that we'd only won three times in the 10-year history.

The fact that we have a successful football team really helped a lot, too,"

said Jeannine McKamey, director of public relations for Medic.

Tennessee lost last year's BlueOrange by a mere nine pints. This year,

McKamey said, UT more than made up for its previous losses. Friday was the

biggest collection day for UT, as 723 pints were tallied as the largest

single-day donation Medic has ever experienced.

"What we took in was the most that's ever been donated," McKamey

said, suggesting that the newly-designed free T-shirt given to donors may

have had something to do with the record collections.

"But I'd like to think the principal reason is that people are finally

realizing how important it is to give blood," she said.

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