In an experience guaranteed to be out of this world, three University of
Tennessee students have traveled to London this semester to enroll with the

Constanza Williams, an accounting major, and twin brothers Hunter and
William Treadwell, both Graphic Design majors have joined the fall '97
Study Abroad Program at the American College in London.

With classmates from over 96 countries within a student body of just under
1,000 students, the three UT students could develop new international
friendships, study on an international level and have culturally, enriching

After sorting out how much a British pound sterling is worth in U.S.
dollars; learning a new set of English vocabulary that varies from the
American version of the language; figuring out how to get from A-Z on the
underground (subway), plus other habits and expressions, the students are
ready to settle into an exceptional adventure.

ACL's Student Service department's self-styled 'cultural blitz' offers the
students continuous opportunities to indulge themselves, on nearly a daily
basis. A majority of the activities interlink with the student's classroom
studies. Visits to the theatre, ballet, opera and symphony; excursions to
museums and art galleries have been part of the students' many experiences.
They have also adventured weekend trips to Wales and Ireland, a panoramic
tour of South West England and Paris.

London is one of the world's leading financial, fashion and entertainment
capital. Endless opportunities abound for the students in London and
surrounding European neighborhoods, which become part of the ACL